Tuesday, 30 August 2011

*NEW* 2012 Casati 53x11 Super Light

RaceScene are pleased to announce that from September the new 2012 Casati 53x11 Super Light frame will be available from our store.

After the great success Casati had in 2011 with the 53 x 11 Super Light frame, they have sought to improve its technical characteristics, making it more innovative whilst delivering greater comfort. Casati have kept the same design with the addition of new colour options.

The alterations they have made to the 2011 model include a different head tube measuring at 1"1/8 1"1/2  to improve torsional rigidity and ride quality. Sleek lines for better comfort and allowing for a good reactivity.

Priced up at £1595 we believe it to be good value for money.

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

*In Store Now* Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE Wheelset

One of our many aims at RaceScene is to please our loyal customers. We think the announcement that the new 'Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE' wheelset are available in store now should do the trick.

Cosmic Carbone SLE combines the latest Mavic technologies, including a matte black Exalith brake track and matched Yksion GripLink and PowerLink tyres for grip and efficiency, to the proven aerodynamics of the popular Cosmic Carbone SL. This new Wheel-Tyre system offers an incredible technology package at a more affordable price. The benefits of Exalith and an appealing graphic scheme add even more appeal to this light and aerodynamic wheelset.

This wheelset is priced at a very affordable £1100

The new 'Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE' wheelset...we think they're out of this world!


*NEW* Shimano Ultegra Di2 Test Centre Available Mid-September

We are very excited here at RaceScene to announce that, from mid-September, we will have a 'Shimano Ultegra Di2' test bike in store. If you are interested in trying out the unique electronic system then appointments will be free to be made from mid-September onwards.

For the past four years, professional riders have been riding Shimano Dura-Ace components with Di2 electronic shifting technology over the highest mountains, the worst cobbles and through the most extreme weather conditions imaginable. As of this year, Shimano Ultegra will also be fitted out with this groundbreaking technology.

Like the Dura-Ace changing gears becomes easier, effortless and faster by simply touching the shift buttons. Control at your fingertips. Additional benefits include an automatic trimming front derailleur, great accuracy plus easy adjustment and installation. Di2 continues its great success with Shimano Ultegra. And it makes no difference if these roads are cobbles, tarmac or mud.

The groupset will be available for purchase, prices to be confirmed.

Exciting News!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

*Coming Soon* 2012 Casati Demone

We are happy to announce that from September the stunning new 'Casati Demone' will be available from the RaceScene store.

The ‘Casati Demone’ is a new top level bike from the pioneers of Italian exotica ‘Casati’. It introduces a custom-made new generation Carbon Monocoque frame, an innovative solution in powerful frame shapes. Obtaining a weight of 900 gr. and increasing rigidity and resistance it aims to give the rider the best reactivity and ultimately the best ride.

The frame is built with a 1"1/2 offset headtube, full internal cable routing and direct steering.

With frame and fork retailing at £1995 it's also a very reasonable price.

When you see the 'Demone' you'll think it's possessed!


Friday, 5 August 2011

*NEW* 'Ciocc Steel Vintage' Frames for 2012

Here at RaceScene we are happy to unveil photos of the new 'Ciocc Steel Vintage' frames which will be available to buy from our shop in September.

The ‘Ciocc Vintage’ collection has been around for some time. With retro steel frames becoming more popular over recent years ‘Ciocc’ re-introduced the range with great success, a change in fortune seeing as though they actually scrapped 300 steel frames back in the 90's due to lack of demand. The new versions are basically a change of colourway, however they are all custom built and can be painted to suit the customer at no extra cost.

Prices yet to be confirmed but the guideline prices are;

San Cristobal    £ 1195
Replica              £ 1095     (same thing without chrome on frame)
Mokba               £ 1095      Fixed wheel version
Retro                  £ 595      Tig welded entry level

All models inc steel forks.


Please find time to read Nick Rearden's article on these frames.
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