Friday, 5 August 2011

*NEW* 'Ciocc Steel Vintage' Frames for 2012

Here at RaceScene we are happy to unveil photos of the new 'Ciocc Steel Vintage' frames which will be available to buy from our shop in September.

The ‘Ciocc Vintage’ collection has been around for some time. With retro steel frames becoming more popular over recent years ‘Ciocc’ re-introduced the range with great success, a change in fortune seeing as though they actually scrapped 300 steel frames back in the 90's due to lack of demand. The new versions are basically a change of colourway, however they are all custom built and can be painted to suit the customer at no extra cost.

Prices yet to be confirmed but the guideline prices are;

San Cristobal    £ 1195
Replica              £ 1095     (same thing without chrome on frame)
Mokba               £ 1095      Fixed wheel version
Retro                  £ 595      Tig welded entry level

All models inc steel forks.


Please find time to read Nick Rearden's article on these frames.
Nick Rearden Article

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